Intrusion Detection

Use our Patented Technology to protect your high value assets against unauthorized intrusion, theft, sabotage and vandalism.

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Detecting disturbances to the fence or barrier media, provides early warning of intrusion events, enabling time to react to potential threats.


The System provides a high probability of detection to potential threats as it can detect the smallest disturbances to a perimeter fence or barrier.

Customisable Filtering

The System employs advanced optical, electrical and software filtering algorithms to reduce nuisance alarms and can be customized per zone.


Solutions can be built from a simple single zone solution, to hundreds of interconnected units for large perimeter deployments.


The System is not directly affected by electromagnetic disturbances and is immune to lightning induced nuisance alarms.

Open System

The Open System Architecture allows for easy integration with other security systems such as camera surveillance and access control.

Distributed Architecture

The Architecture decentralises the physical equipment risk and provides an infrastructure platform that allows for the easy addition of other security technologies and redundancies.

Odet SmartSense Video

The Odet SmartSense solution suite provides a scalable fibre optic perimeter intrusion detection system.

Odet SmartSense Specifications

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